Top 5 Popular places for Handicrafts in India

India with its 5000 long years of continuous history, a numerous mix of cultures, rich diversity, religions,

cultural heritage, ethnicity and traditions have an equal amount of impact on the diversification of its art

India have 29 states and each state have varied ethnic items with unique designs and pristine


craftsmanship that have only evolved with time.

So let us take you to a journey to the land of unending delights through our blog.

1. Rajasthan :

Rajasthan is one of the richest state of India in terms of handicraft items. Each little village of

Rajasthan has its own craftsmen patronized by the local peoples. Rajasthani crafts are loved and

sought by most markets across the world. It is known for its colorful, lively and wonderful crafts

which are used to adorn household as interior decoration.

Famous handicrafts of Rajasthan – Handmade Jewelry, Blue Pottery, Ivory Works, Rajasthani

Paintings, Wooden crafts, Marble Crafts, Quilts and carpets.

2. Kashmir :

Kashmir is one of the place in India that is best known for its cultural heritage and rich craft

which has prevailed since a very long time. The famous Basholi Qalam paintings which are kept

in famous museums across the world are found in Kashmir. Its handicrafts are known all over

the world for their artistic work and grandeur. The scenic beauty and ethnicity of Kashmir has

enabled a variety of motifs, techniques and crafts to flourish on this land.

Famous handicrafts of Kashmir – Walnut Wood Carving, Willow Baskets, Paper Machie, Copper

and Brass Crafts.

3. Odisha :

Odisha the land of enchanting beauty is well known for its exquisite handicrafts. Odisha’s

religious heritage has played one of the most dynamic roles in designing the infinite variety of

crafts available in the state. Buddhism, Jainism, Shivaism and Vaishnavism have left their

imprints on Odisha’s ancient art and crafts as have its strong tribal traditions. Its sea faring

history too has brought in influences from Indonesia and China.

Famous handicrafts of Odisha – Stone Arts, Applique Arts, Wooden Carvings, Patta chitra, Cow

Horn Crafts, Dhokra Crafts.

4. Karnataka :

Karnataka is blessed with the amazing handicrafts which is most sought after things for tourists

because of their uniqueness. The handicrafts of Karnataka are produced by using traditional

methods, which are proved to be the hallmark of fineness in craftsmanship of Karnataka

artisans. The dense forests of Karnataka, rich flora and fauna, have inspired a variety of crafts.

The art of exclusive crafts making in Karnataka has passed on from one generation to another,

thus making it a timeless tradition.

Famous handicrafts of Karnataka – Rosewood and Sandalwood Carving, Mysore Paintings,

Leather Lamps, Ivory Carving, Brassware.

5. Uttar Pradesh :

Uttar Pradesh is a state where the skills of arts and crafts is worshipped as gods and passed on

from one generation to another. It is a land of art and artisans. The state has patronized art

forms since the days of Mughals. Nawabs of Awadh and other nobles later carried the tradition

forward. The artisans of U.P have mastered the best sketches, designs, patterns and structure

that are unique in their own nature captivating the hearts of every one who looks at them. Each

region of U.P deals with some specific art or craft.

Famous handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh – Brass Metal ware, Glass Ware, Pottery, Marble and soft

stone craft, Wood carving.

Indian Crafts and Looms

Handicrafts & handlooms – The act of hand-crafting and hand-looming an object to meet the

need of a daily chore. In India it define lifestyles since ages. They have been the most integral

part of the lives of the common people of India. Traces of crafts and looms can be found in

Mohenjo-daro (earliest settlement of the world). It have been long made to appease a need of

faith, as an artistic expression or just to sharpen the adroitness of a pair of hands.

Actually this art of crafting or looming is the most powerful proof of the civil-ness of any

civilization that ever existed. The ancient art of crafting and looming is an ardent reflection of

the times.. Or sometimes it’s powerful enough to make time itself its reactions.

India have been gone through many changes , let it be politically, socially, technologically or let

it be though banks but the place of crafts and looms has remained the same. With time passing

crafts and looms have become an item of luxury from items of daily use, it have weathered

many a storms at the hands of increased industrialization and overall paradigm shift in

production and consumption ecosystem ,but it still is the primary source of income for

Crafts and looms of India have only developed and holds a rich tradition and highly skilled

craftsmen and weavers right from the times of Indus valley civilization. There are numerous

references about different varieties of crafts and looms in the esteemed ancient vedic texts of

India, particularly The Rigveda. Then came the golden age for the development of artisans that

is The Mauryan period. During The Krushna period, foreign influences began to get merged with

the local art and crafts of India. In The Medieval period the handicraftsmen flourished in the art

forms, then came the Mughal period which influenced the crafts and looms of India the most

and can be termed as another golden period for the art forms. But with the arrival of East India

Company the Indian crafts and looms suffered a huge blow in the hands of cheaper machine

Every crafts and looms holds dear the myths, legends and faiths that lent it its form, these

stories desperately need to be shared with the whole world. These stories will not only help the

world to appreciate the art forms honestly but also will offer many a lesson in humble living.

We intend to become the very instrument through which the artisans can directly connect with

the world, we desire to be the resort which helps the art forms sell not merely as objects but as

generations for a major part of the population of India.

made British products.

stories and beliefs.